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How to claim

Information on how to claim housing benefit on your phone, tablet or computer. It's simple, convenient and secure

Apply for Housing Benefit

You may get Housing Benefit if:

  • you pay rent
  • you're on a low income or claiming benefits
  • your savings are below a certain level - usually £16,000

You can apply if you're employed or unemployed, but if you live with a partner, only one of you can get Housing Benefit.

If you're single and under 35, you can only get Housing Benefit for bed-sit accommodation or a single room in shared accommodation.

Usually you won't get Housing Benefit if:

  • your savings are over £16,000 - unless you get Guarantee credit of Pension Credit
  • you live in the home of a close relative
  • you're a full-time student - unless you're disabled or have children
  • you're an asylum seeker or sponsored to be in the UK
  • you're residing in the UK as an European Economic Area jobseeker

How to apply

Jobcentre Plus will normally give you a form to apply for Housing Benefit when you make a claim for:

  • Income Support
  • Jobseeker's Allowance
  • Employment and Support Allowance

They'll then send details of your claim to us.

If you're not claiming these benefits or haven't been given the form, please complete our online form.

Apply for Housing Benefit

When you will get your Housing Benefit

We'll normally start paying your benefit from the Monday after you submit your claim.

How we pay your Housing Benefit

Council Tax Reduction

If you are already in receipt of housing benefit and you think you may be entitled to council tax reduction for help with your council tax, complete our form to start the process. 

Click here to apply

Backdated benefit

We may be able to pay your benefit from an earlier date if there was a good reason for the delay in making your claim, such as:

  • death of a close relative
  • you, or a member of your household were seriously ill, in hospital or under stress or emotional pressure
  • you were given wrong or misleading information by an official agency - for example council officers or the Department for Work and Pensions
  • you have difficulty in communicating or understanding and have no one to help you

Benefit can be backdated for up to:

  • 1 month if you're under 60
  • 3 months if you're over 60

You'll need to make an online request and be able to show that you had good reason for the whole period you're asking for your benefit to be backdated.