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Discretionary housing payment (DHP)

If you need more help to pay your rent, you may be entitled to extra financial help but you no longer need to phone us, send us letters or come in to speak to us as you can complete your DHP application online. It's simple secure and convenient. Give it a go and save yourself time

A Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) is an extra payment you may be able to get on top of your Housing Benefit. You can only apply if you're already getting Housing Benefit or Universal Credit.

DHPs can be made in order to cover immediate housing costs that you're unable to meet, such as:

  • a shortfall in rent
  • a deposit
  • moving costs

There is no automatic right to the payment and you'll need to show that you're in real need.

You can apply for DHP if you're affected by the 'bedroom tax', benefit cap or Universal Credit. But it can only be a temporary solution while you find a way to cover the shortfall by for example, finding work or moving to affordable accommodation.

How to apply

Apply for discretionary housing payment

How much you'll get

There is no set amount for DHPs and how much you'll get will depend on your circumstances.

pdf icon Discretionary Housing Payment Policy [46kb]