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You can now use your smartphone, tablet or computer to apply for housing benefit or council tax reduction, or tell us you are moving. It's simple, convenient and secure.

Housing benefit

All information and guidance relating to benefits can be found in this section

Benefits content icon Housing Benefit Forms All housing benefit forms that you can now complete online - it's simple, convenient and secure Benefits content icon How to claim Information on how to claim housing benefit on your phone, tablet or computer. It's simple, convenient and secure Benefits content icon Notify us of a change If your circumstances have changed please let us know now by filling in our form on your phone, tablet or computer. It's simple, convenient and secure. Benefits content icon Discretionary Housing payment If you need more help to pay your rent, you may be entitled to extra financial help but you no longer need to phone us, send us letters or come in to speak to us as you can complete your DHP application online. It's simple secure and convenient. Give it a go and save yourself time Benefits content icon Universal Credit Universal Credit will be introduced to Shepway from 25 January 2016. This will initially only be available to single people who would otherwise have claimed Job Seeker's Allowance when they make a new claim Benefits content icon Income and savings We work out the amount of Housing Benefit you'll get depending on how much money you have coming in. Benefits content icon Appeal a housing benefit decision or rent valuation You can ask us to look again at a decision we make on housing benefit. You should also contact us if you want a rent valuation to be reconsidered Benefits content icon Overpayments Find out what happens if we have overpaid. Benefits content icon Claim an extended payment period You may be eligible for an extended payment period for your Housing Benefit if you're on benefits and are starting a job or increasing your hours. Benefits content icon Housing benefit for landlords We may pay Housing Benefit directly to you if your tenant is classed as vulnerable Benefits content icon Report benefit fraud If you suspect someone is committing housing benefit fraud please report it directly to the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) Benefits content icon How it works Information including how the benefits system works in Shepway.